Hades' son


Wouldn’t you like to know…


The only son of Hades, a bastard child had with a dead woman, Praxus was born cursed. Smuggled away from his family for fear of Persephone’s wrath he grew up amongst humans. He was a sallow and unloved child and grew up to be a sallow and unloved man.

He was the perpetrator of a plan to overthrow Hades. He somehow got his father to drink from the River Lethe, and it’s power made him forget everything he had known. Praxus assumed his father’s form and place. He locked Persephone in the dungeons of the palace.

The last phase of his plan was to kidnap all of the sons of the Gods. Praxus was born of death, and though he is living, he cannot have offspring of his own. This angered him so, that he reasoned if he could not have children then no Gods should have children either.

The members of the group thwarted his plan, and the last place Praxus was seen was in a cage of bone, being lowered into the soil of the underworld.


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