Plains of Tartarus

The Planes of Tartarus

Session 001

With Praxus’ plans foiled, Hades has declared dominion over his realm once more and announces that all kidnapped Scions can either stay under his guarantee of protection and help him restore order or they may find their own way out.

Trent, Austin, Sato, and Darius plan to get the hell out of here after their ordeals but are overheard by Josephine, Lex, and Yuri who share the same desire toe scape. Introductions are made and all but Yuri reveal their lineage. Nigel is still among the group as well, chipper and annoying as ever and he agrees to lead the heroes back to the palace to consult with Persephone for a way out…after all, she owes them. Trent and Austin argue in moderation over a variety of topics on their journey to the palace. Their contention stems indirectly from the conflicts of their fathers.

While crossing the river Acheron, it is mentioned that the waters will assuage guilt, though with nasty side effects. The Elysian fields beyond have the effect of not making one want to ever leave Tartarus, lost in eternal, mindless bliss. Nigel stresses the importance of staying on the path.

While drawing closer to the palace, Trent sees his grandmother in the fields whom he would spend many days with cooking together. They shared a special bond and she nears him, beckoning him to join her. Austin sees his sister, killed in a fatal car accident by a drunk driver. She also laments to her brother to join her in the fields. Both heroes resist the urge to wander off the path. They say their goodbyes and move on.

Some heckling occurs towards Trent at the embarrassing moment he had with grandmother. Shockingly this inspires him to encourage Nigel to tell his tales and keep talking! During the walk, Trent makes it clear that it was fortunate for Josephine, Lex, and Yuri that they were of lesser lineage thus making them wholly succumb to the effects of the river Lethe…perhaps they could not have beared the trials that the others endured to set Hades free. This ires Lex, who asks Trent to say it again when under threat of being struck. Trent does not hesitate to do so and Lex throws a heroic punch landing squarely in Trents face. Seemingly bolsterd by the might of earth and ocean, Trenton seems hardly phased by this, but feeling redeemed, Lex moves on.

The group arrives at the palace and meet a water nymph, Sylvia, who claims to be Persephone’s receptionist. She contacts Persephone who is in a meeting but she agrees to see them. They go and find that Persephone wants them to stay under Hades guard, however the group stresses once more that they intend to leave. She nods and have them sign waivers releasing the God of the underworld from any responsibility should they perish. Dangers are abound and it is still evident that Typhon is on the loose. Persephone mentions a cave to the northeast that can grant escape. She asks that if possible no collateral damage be done to the entrance as this is her only known way out. Typhon is in the area as well and seeks escape so the journey could prove very fatal She agrees to send Nigel as a guide and offers advice to finding the caves as they can apparantly only be seen from the “corners of ones eyes”. The group is welcomed to rations and food in the ktichen below before heading out to the caves.

This concluded the first session. XP awareded is as follows:

Josephine: 4
Lex: 4
Yuri: 4
Darius: 4
Sato: 4
Austin: 5
Trent: 5



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